Just had to pause to contemplate the game theoretical dynamics of this season’s Drag Race All Star rules.

Someone who works on SNL this season decided that people really like to see animals in sketches.

Incidentally, portable identity is, IMHO, the one truly compelling thing about “web3.” The idea that your identity is this portable cryptographic token (“wallet”) you own and can plug into different services is interesting, but gets lost in all the finance BS.

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IMHO, centralized services usually win out over distributed ones because of what I call “the email configuration problem.” If setting up Twitter felt like configuring a POP inbox, a lot fewer people would use it.

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This is exactly the kind of thing I have in mind when I say “interoperability.” Make it easy for people to port their accounts around, remove the lock-in factor. mastodon.social/@mcc/101190410

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And the winner is… Ukraine!

Congratulations to the Kalush Orchestra for their emotive winning song ‘Stefania’, which captured the hearts of Europeans tonight.

Europe stands with you tonight and always.

#Eurovision #StandWithUkraine

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so many people posting about Eurovision before.

Also, it turns out Carey McWilliams was kicked out of my alma mater, so of course I love the guy!

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This book is an absolute delight, and amazingly relevant considering it was originally published in 1946. So much Southern California history you won’t read about anywhere else. bookshop.org/books/southern-ca

@dgoldsmith Just wanted to say: I have been telling the story for years of how you once smacked me down on an internal Apple mailing list for a naive Unicode problem, and I love that you are now pretty much the anchor of my Mastodon network. Cheers, and I salute you!

My Old Street - Maspeth Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn (Fuji Provia 120 slide film)

This articulates a lot of what has been going through my head after following the Elon Musk/Twitter saga. The fact that Twitter's board members were essentially required to accept Musk's offer in order to maximize shareholder value, strikes me as kind of a perversion of the concept of fiduciary duty. ft.com/content/f7f76d7c-2d01-4

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