Perhaps I’ll post some random stuff from my tabs.

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Labor Day Weekend, finally an opportunity to do some browser tab maintenance.

“Which is of course why it is so dangerous to join a mob… any mob, no matter how “noble” the stated purpose may be. The mob is almost surely led by a malignant narcissist. And that narcissist is using you.”

That quote comes to mind for me a lot when thinking about social media these days.

My take on Hereditary: lots of great acting, tons of obvious inspiration (Rosemary’s Baby in particular), lots of promising thematic build-up that’s never really hammered home and is ultimately undermined by the ending.

"Bear Breaks into Lobby of Hotel that Inspired The Shining"

Was reading about the ideas of neo-fascist philosopher Julius Evola and how they influenced the alt-right, and was thinking “Wow, this guy is comically evil.” Then I found a photo of him.

Twitter users checking out Mastodon for the first time.

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